J. Jacques (qcjeph) wrote,
J. Jacques

MoCCA Report 2005

So MoCCA was a lot of fun! Here is what went down:

Cristi and I were parked at a table alongside some of our Dumbrella pals, Ryan from DinoComics, Rosemary from Bird & Moon, and Steve from Poppycock Circus, as well as David and Dale from A Lesson Is Learned But the Damage Is Irreversible. They are all nice people!

Saturday was INSANE. At several points throughout the day we had a LINE of people at the table, waiting for their chance to get shirts or posters or just say hello. I went through most of a sketchbook doing drawings for people. It was really cool to meet so many people who enjoy my comic, and pretty surreal to see that some of them were kind of nervous about it! We sold hell of t-shirts and hell of posters. The air conditioning in our room stopped working during the day, but the MoCCA people were kind enough to bring plenty of fans over to keep us from dying of heatstroke.

After the con, Cristi and I went home to take showers. After that we went out for dinner with Ryan and Steve and Rosemary and Keen Soo and some other friends. Delicious Thai food. After THAT we went back to Steve's apartment and hung around drinkin' beers and generally being silly people.

Beth (the tallest girl ever) and Ro (the second-tiniest person ever [hi Aido]) braided Ryan's hair while Amy looked on:

Steve and Keen were highly amused:

Later on Cristi gave him cornrows. It was DANGEROUS LOOKING.

So that night was fun!

We stumbled home at about 2am and slept the sleep of sleepy sleepers. Or something.

I was expecting Sunday to be a lot quieter than Saturday in terms of business and visitors, but it was actually even busier than Saturday. We sold just about every shirt we brought and more than half of the posters (I purposely brought more than we needed, just in case). All in all we made back all the money we spent on con registration and hotel room and train tickets and miscellaneous expenses and managed to turn a tidy profit. Thanks so much to everyone who bought stuff! Also thanks to everyone who came by and asked for a drawing or said hello.

I'd say MoCCA was a rousing success!

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